Friday, 2 February 2007

Quick, Vista's 'Coolness' test

I was browsing through a couple of websites the other day when it dawned on me that SO many websites do screenshots or walkthroughs of their software running on Macs. Not only that, but so many companies use Macs in print ads for their software products too.

I might be making a very big leap to a conclusion, but I think this is a very tidy 'quick test' of OS X's coolness factor. People know OS X looks cooler, so much so that they don't wont their apps shown in XP (read windows.

It will be interesting to see if we start seeing more and more walkthroughs and screenshots in Vista now that is has been launched or if OS X will still hold sway.

Think of this as a quick way to gauge the two platform's coolness factor.

Monday, 29 January 2007

Hitting on Chicks...3rd Grade Style

Fundamentally, I think a lot of guys, myself included, interact with girls the same way we used to back on the playground, as kids.

When we find a girl attractive, we tease and tease, to keep a distance and try to seem cool.

This used to be a lot more obvious when I was in my teens. As I've gotten older, I've filled down the edges a bit and I suppose it comes across a little more subtly, but I still stick to the same fundamental formula.

When faced with an attractive girl, we tease to please.

Friday, 26 January 2007

Robitics company employees build Wii controlled robotic samurai arm.

Two guys working for a robotics company, US Mechatronics, have shown us all a glimpse of a frighting future, where man is fused with machine to create horrible weapons systems. Well perhaps it's not that dramatic but there is certainly something eerie about this video of the Wii remote-controlled robotic arm.

Friday, 19 January 2007

School Should Be Boring

But it shouldn't be boring to everyone all of the time.

If your school experience was anything like mine, you must remember sitting through a lot of classes that bored the heck out of you. I specifically remember sitting there as the teacher tried to coax the intricacies of meiosis and mitosis through my head. I had no interest, I was bored.

However, if you'd caught me an hour later as I was sitting in my history class, you would have seen a completely different student. I was absolutely enthralled by the intricacies of Rome, Carthage and Ancient Egypt. I really enjoyed that class, it provided me with my first affair with history, one that has matured into a healthy passion for the subject in adult life.

I think a key function that school serves is to filter students into their general areas of interest. Providing that initial spark of inspiration that could lead a student in the second row of a biology class to on on to research genetics at a top international research institute.

Perhaps we should restructure classes to give students taster classes to asses how interested they naturally are in various subjects, then carefully direct the most interested students into the classes that interest them most. I'm not suggesting that we don't give children a broad education, but really, why the heck did I need to lean about meiosis? It would have been better for me to spend a few more hours in history class. I would have enjoyed it more. Especially surrounded with other kids that shared my passion. Imagine how enjoyable it would be for a teacher to teach a class of such enthusiastic kids.

I'm sure this idea has flaws, but shouldn't we start to take a serious look at fundamentally restructuring education. I mean come on, we're still following the same fundamental footsteps set out in Victorian times.

Monday, 15 January 2007

iPhone killed the video iPod: Part two

Seems I'm not a complete moron, some other human (from Gizmodo) also explored the impact of the iPhone on the iPod, his thoughts:

I think that iPhone-esque iPods will soon be released. Look for larger capacities, probably 100GB, and a very similar design to the iPhone. We'll be treated to the same great touchscreen that automatically rotates the interface depending on how we hold it, which will be perfect for watching videos. But we'll lose the phone functions, and with those we'll also likely lose the camera and OS X interface. What makes the iPod so great is its simplicity, not its robust set of features, and by merging that notion with the new iPhone hardware Apple will be giving the iPod a serious upgrade.

I think I'd definitely want to get my hands on one of these if/when they do come out!

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

iPhone killed the video iPod

So apple released it's spanking new iPhone, I must admit that it looks fricken amazing, the web browsing/email looks great, and you can do funky stuff like portable conference calling and easily select your voicemails from a list (simple, but so cool). The one thing that really turned me on about this device (somehow the term 'phone' doesn't do it justice) is the iPod functionality. Effectively, this iPhone will also be the best, most amazing looking iPod ever, the current video iPods look crap by comparison. No doubt this will be a BIG selling point of the iPhone.

But this brings up a question: Will Apple release a stand-alone touch-screen iPod after all? I don't think so, the iPhone may have killed the video iPod!

Let me take you through my thinking here by looking at the pro's and con's of releasing a stand-alone video iPod prior/in parallel to the iPhone:

Right now people all over the world are salivating at the slick, beautiful and easy functionality of the iPhone's iPod (try saying that ten times in a row). They would easily snap up a new iPod 'true' video iPod. Generating lots and lots of sales for Apple. Also, with the phone technology removed they could probably cram a lot more memory in the device (the iPhone only comes in 4 and 8GB flavours). Also, the iPod means that your relationship, as a consumer, is still 100% with Apple, and that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Mobile phone operators on the other hand, seldom generate that feeling.

The main downside to releasing a new iPod based on the iPhone's technology is that this will have a negative effect on iPhone sales. Why? Well think about it, most people are tied in for long term contracts with their mobile phone service providers. If I can get the coolness of the iPhone's technology in a new iPod, without going through the hassle of changing my service provider, getting a new phone and transferring all my contacts over and paying between 500/600 US$, then why the hell would I get the iPhone. No, no, I think Apple will be telling us that the only way to get our hands on the 'true' video iPod will be to buy an iPhone, I hope I'm wrong though!

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

10:25 am (Pacific) apple stock up $2.43

Hope you all longed Apple shares before Macworld!